To Mr.Self-Sufficient

I hear them say: “We’re done!
We believe in God, for sure,
we believe that God is one.
But why not wait and see
what after death will be ?
Why should we even bother
if we would live forever
in heaven or in hell?
Everything will go just well.
Let us in the meanwhile
enjoy our own lifestyle
as God gave us free will.
Of course, we would not kill
or even use a gun.
But why not have some fun?”

I wish to tell them: “Come,
and listen to someone
who you may think is mad
but may not be that bad..
I know you’re super smart
just like Rene’ Descartes.
But you know that you don’t
believe in God nor want
to know ’bout who He is.
So let me tell you this:
You just believe in you
and what you want to do
and not in anyone.

God who is all-above
and who you claim to love
has given you a lot.
Just look at what you’ve got.
And no, they’re not for free.
He gave you eyes to see
and not just watch TV
and gave you an ear that hears
not only Britney Spears.
Your tongue, so it appears,
is not just to drink tea
and run to make pee pee
and then just wait and see
what after death will be!!!”

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Who are you? Yes, you!

Hello, there,
I’ve been seeing you around for a while
actually for a long while now
walking around in my clothes,
doing things I never like to do.
Yes, you!
you claim you’re me?
haha, of course not!
I would never wish to be you one day
or you to be me!
Stop trying to be me,
or trying to make me you.
Yes, you!
I’ve been trying to ignore your presence for a while
actually for a long while now
walking around in my clothes.
But whatever you do, you don’t resemble me.
And I’ll never resemble you.
You hear me?
Yes, you!
you’re not mad at me?
you’re not sad I am criticizing what you do?
I really wished you would run away,
ashamed of yourself!
It seems I had to catch you before,
now it’s already too late to change you.
Or drive you away from me.
But I don’t like you.
Yes, you!
Nor seeing you everyday
walking around in my clothes
nor hearing you everyday
speaking and singing with my voice,
trying to imitate me,
or to let me imitate you,
Yes, you!
I had tried to forget me
and to just watch you
as you walk around in my clothes,
but now I want to remember me,
and forget you.
Yes, you!
Now you’re even stronger than me,
I’m speaking but it seems
you never hear me,
but I hear you
as you speak loud and clear,
trying to impress me.
This is my place,
I was here before you,
and these are my clothes,
and this is my voice.
give them back to me!
No, I didn’t give them to you.
or maybe I did,
but now they’re mine.
You hear me?
Yes, you!

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Un Visage dans la foule

A French Poem that I wrote about 8 years ago..

Hard Decision

It is a hard decision, I told her…
especially as it affects someone close to you…
especially as it hurts someone close to you…
not anyone,
and not for the first time,
and even more than ever before..

It is a hard decision, I told her…
I know you want to do it..
you always dreamed to do it..
and now you have the chance
But don’t forget who made it true..
It was him…

It is a hard decision, I told her…
he will not hate you , no
he will not punish you
or even blame you
but his silence will kill you
a silence that you may never get to cure him from again..

It is a hard decision, I told her…
I know you are able to do it,
you are up to it,
it suits you even more than anyone else,
but it is really worth it?
or you just want to try?

Yes, it is a hard decision!
you say it may be good for him at the end?
you know it won’t,
at least as much
as you feel it will be good for you,
and maybe not even for you!

It is a hard decision!
It doesn’t matter what people will tell you,
or what they will say about you,
what really matters is what you know
that he will feel,
even if he tells you he can…
and especially if he tells you he can’t…
and he did!

It is a hard decision, I told her..
don’t pretend you don’t know,
tears filled her eyes and she said: I know
I just can’t say no!
You will do it, I know
I told her before she would go………………..

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If I were a Human Object

If I were a Human Object,
I would keep my secrets private
and share only what I want to share.
I would use setColorOfHair().
That sounds nice, indeed,
but that’s not all I need.

If I were a Human Object,
I would make twelve
instances of myself.
The first would go to the GUC.
The second one would study for me.
And the third, no doubt,
would download stuff and print them out.

The fourth would cry and shout
for Iraq and Palestine,
until people there are fine.
Number five would strive
to feed the poor and weak.
Number six would work all week
to get money for number five.

Number seven would live her life
to speak the truth and defend Islam.
Number eight would say: “ Here I am!”
in case number seven would die.

Number nine would fly
and travel everywhere.
Number ten would be fair
and help the police
to spread justice and peace.

Number eleven would be just kean
to keep everything around so clean.
Number twelve would read and cook
what’s written in the book.

-So these were the twelve
instances of myself.
You’re wondering what I would do?
I would have plenty of time
to do what I love to do.

I would pray at time
with nothing in mind
but the words I say.

Then, sure, I would play.
But not all day.
I have nice things to do.

I would sleep with the moon
and wake up with the sun.
I would have so much fun,
as my work is done.

During the winter,
I would stay at home
to hug my sister
and keep her warm
so that she catches no cold
and finds someone to hold.

So, if I were a Human Object,
everything would go just well,
except one thing that I have to tell:
What if someone comes
and sets me to null?

originally written on April 14, 2007

Feeling like a “grown-up”

I feel I am grown-up.

Don’t ask me why because a grown-up doesn’t talk about his feelings.
Don’t think I am frustrated about that because a grown-up doesn’t get frustrated.
Don’t try to change me, because a grown-up can hardly change.
Don’t ask me about my passions, because a grown-up shouldn’t have passions.
Don’t ask me about my ambitions, because a grown-up doesn’t have time for ambitions.
Don’t tell me that I should have, because as a grown-up I won’t let you tell me what to do and what not to do.
Don’t dream with me, because a grown-up only dreams reasonable dreams.
Don’t tell me a joke, because a grown-up shouldn’t laugh his heart out.
Don’t flirt with me, because I don’t have a lot to say to you as a grown-up and my time is more precious than just to flirt with you.
Don’t critisize me, because as a grown-up I will prove you wrong.
Don’t tell me that you dream to change the world, because as a grown-up I will disappoint you and tell you you can’t.
Don’t buy me flowers, because as a grown-up I won’t be touched , just buy me nestcafe instead, I need it more.
Don’t try to impress me, because as a grown-up nothing will impress me.
Don’t draw me a painting, because as a grown-up I only like black and white.
Don’t sing to me, because as a grown-up I don’t feel music, I like the sound of machines more.
Don’t complain to me, because as a grown-up I won’t pity you.
Comment as you want on what I said, but as a grown-up I don’t care!!!!

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يا ندى

كتبت الكلمات دي زمان لأختي الصغيرة ندي لما كانت لسة طفلة صغيرة … أقرب إنسانة لقلبي
أختي ندى أصغر مني ب8 سنين و حتفضل طول عمرها صغيرة في عينيا

وبالمناسبة ندى طلعت إمبارح التالتة على إسكندرية في بطولة تنس الطاولة…….مبرووووووك يا ندى! وعقبال ما تطلعي الأولى على الفصل إن شاء الله

عينيك النايمين
يا ندى العيون
عينيك النايمين
في ظل الجفون
وشعرك الطويل
متلون كل لون
ولسانك الصغير
وقلبك الحنون
نعمة من النعم
وفن من الفنون
اللي اتخلقتي بيها
يا أجمل من في الكون

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