“Wide Eye” Learning System

Mom bought this for Hussein last year and it is really nice, actually. A full set with everything you need to educate a toddler. We started with the DVDs when Hussein was still young, they’re so nice..


Documentaries for thinking children

I had bought this about 3 years ago, but it wasn’t as I expected. The videos have poor animations and are, and the books are not that attractive either.

Brainy Baby DVDs

Excellent Series! Hussein has been watching them since he turned one..


Little Women

I have read this book when I was about 14 and I still remember how I was inspired by it. After I finished it I started writing a book by myself, it doesn’t have an ending until now and it was the only book I wrote in my whole life 😀

كيف نتعامل مع القرآن العظيم

I am still reading this book, it’s really great.

“How should we deal with the Holy Quran” by Al-Qaradawy

قوة الحب والتسامح

I read this book last week but I didn’t like it very much. It’s not really up to the standard of the rest of the books I read for this author…

Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP

I remember I read this book during my first year at the university and I enjoyed it very much.  It’s really unique.