Easiest process for recording e-learning files at home using free software

1. record using ClearRecord Lite from your mobile  or tablet in long files (or any other free desktop application, but I found this program is really good) — but make sure you don’t have an open door or window in the room, the kids are sleeping and there is no fan or air-conditioner on

2. use Audacity to remove noise using effects -> noise  removal after getting noise profile (you can repeat this process twice)

3. After background noise is removed, split the long file using slice audio file splitter

4. rename split files

5. Create a chain using audacity where you specify  for example: Amplify, normalize, changepitch,
exportwav, then apply to all files , then apply the chain to all the files you renamed (play with different parameters and try it with one audio file until you reach the desired result)

6. you will have a folder called clean with your  final files

7. convert to mp3 using winlame specifying your prefered bitrate

8. Listen to them again to make sure everything is OK


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