Batch converting pictures to .eps for your latex documents

And finally I was able to do it in an easy way and for free!!

All other software I found available online either had watermarks or no batch processing option.

I can’t believe I finally found one that works in batch mode and is fast and reliable.

The only drawback is you need to install lots of dependencies before working with it, but it is really not time consuming, just follow the install directions and everything should be fine.

Before finding this program, I have been struggling for days writing windows batch files that execute GraphicsMagick command line commands to do the batch job and I haven’t succeeded to keep the original names of the files and add the .eps extension to it. Here is the for loop I wrote in the batch file when I was using GraphicsMagick: for %i in (*.jpg) do gm convert %i %~ni.eps done; and for some reason it was not working…

Now I discovered Phatch (Photo+ Batch) which is a freeware based on python. That’s why you first have to install some python dependencies. Just download this file, extract it, read the readme file and it’s not difficult.

Then download the Phatch zip for Windows and browse to, make a shortcut from this file to run the application.

Whoever made this, a big fat THANK YOU!

**Updated: how to make the conversion:

Run, choose add action , choose save, change type to eps and path to <folder>/ converted, then choose execute action, choose the folder where you have the images, choose batch and then choosecontinue!


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