Hussein’s bedtime Android games

Although I hate the fact that my cheek insists on ending calls three or four times during each conversation on my Android phone, it is still full of great stuff and helped us with our bedtime routine when I discovered that I can make Hussein relax by playing some educational games on the phone before sleeping. I love the ideas of playing games that don’e make a mess and still help him use his brain and have fun and are suitable for a toddler’s age, like coloring and puzzle.

The following free Apps have become an important part of our daily bedtime routine before the bedtime story, of course.. (while my husband struggles with his baby brother alone lol)

Kids Preschool Puzzle

(all other intellijoy games are also great)

Toddler Paint (for drawing)


Toddler Memory Game


Doodle Master(for coloring)

Toddler Animal Numbers

Animal Puzzle for Toddlers


PUZZINGO - Toddler Kids Puzzle

When searching for kids games, take care that many games have inappropriate ads, so always check reviews before installing..



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