Delicious Butterfly Shrimps at Home

I have made this recipe tens of times and always with great results Alhamdulillah. It’s easy, delicious and looks professional, too..

First of all, you have to ask where you buy the shrimps to let the guy open the back of the shrimps and clean them, this saves you lots of time and energy. then you just press each shrimp between your hands to make the butterfly shape and to have a big opening for the stuffing.

Stuffing ingredients:

the most important ingredients here are: butter(use a lot), dill, garlic, lemon and salt

the optional ingredients are: celery, tomatoes, onions, buttermilk(for more thick stuffing), shredded carrots and curcum (for more orange color), seasoning, cumin

you just blend all the ingredients together well until you have something that has the texture of cake batter. Then you take from this mixture spoonfulls and stuff the butterfly shrimps with them. After you let them sit you can use the oven or an electric grill which has a cover. Just around 10 minutes and everything will be ready so try to do this when you’re ready to serve.  If you use the oven, put them covered first for a while and then remove the aluminum foil for another while. If you use the electric grill, put them on the highest setting to keep the juices. It would be great if you can then pour all the juices collected in the grill onto the hot, ready to serve shrimps at the end. And enjoyyyyyyy!!! Yummy!


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