You know you’re a mother when

You know you’re a mother when…
…your whole life becomes a mission that never ends
…your meals consist of your kids’ left-overs
…you sleep at night every day thanking God that there were no major catastrophes today
…your favorite sound is the burping sound and the sound of poop falling into the toilet (sorry but it’s true)
…you feel that you’re the luckiest person in the world during the very few days when no one of them is ill
…you forget how it feels to have a good night’s sleep
…the only thing that keeps you from jumping from the window is that no one would then look after your kids
…your favorite movie is a cartoon and your favorite song is the one you sing for them to sleep
…you go to Carrefour and stay most of the time waiting in a queue for the toilet and then they pee on you in the car
…you try your best to stay healthy because if you get sick no other human being will be able to take your place
…you write a post like this in the middle of the night


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