When comes our “Iron Saladin”?

Iron Man - Flying Gameplay Video screenshot 2

I had lots of different thoughts after watching “Iron Man” yesterday. I know I am two years late in doing so but actually I have never been very up-to-date in this area…Anyway, it was a great and special movie, although I usually don’t like super hero movies and I enjoyed watching it with my husband as he likes to end his long tiring work day relaxing in front of the TV (which I am not really fond of, but he needs it!).  Now let’s come to the point: why am I writing a post on this.

Well, usually when I watch a good movie I spend a long time afterwards reflecting on it and this was one such movie. Some scenes were really touching for me because they relate to the real world. The idea itsself is amazing. At some instants I wished I was the Iron Woman saving the world from evil. I would fly to Palestine and …. ahhh, this would be the most wonderful day of my life. Other people are on my mind, too, but let’s say I’ll stick to the basics right now 😀 so that you don’t think I am a violent person or something. lol

It sounds so childish but we always dream that one day Saladin will come and free Palestine! Well, yesterday I realized that the old image of Saladin doesn’t suit our world any more. We need an Iron Saladin. To defeat Israel and free palestine we need technology and we will never be able to compete with our enemy if we still think we need our old Saladin. Nowadays power=technology. Maybe if Japan and China and India and Malaysia and Iran and …….. ally together we can create something useful?? It’s sad to say I am very pessimistic in this regard. Not before 100 years, if ever, can we reach one tenth of our enemy’s strength. We don’t even have the strength of belief that Saladin once had anymore. We need both to succeed, so we need an Iron Saladin.

Do you think this day will ever come?


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