Being pregnant again

And here we go again… As Hussein is finally starting to do some minor tasks on his own without me taking care of  every tiny step, I am already expecting my second baby. Most people advised us to make it earlier so that we are doing the job “once and for all” but my husband wasn’t even convinced of ever having a second baby. Well, he’s had his bad days, too.. But discovering my pregnancy was a nice surprise for both of us, nonetheless. My husband doesn’t want to have another boy, though. He told me if we get another boy, I will travel to another country and let you take care of your two boys alone. Is he just joking? Who knows! But I am really dying to know the gender of the little shrimp growing inside me. I want to have a girl, too. For two reasons:

First, my husband, who was usually a calm and patient guy, doesn’t stand being with Hussein for more than half an hour without starting a fire. It usually goes like this, Hussein starts misbehaving, M starts yelling and screaming at him, if not hitting him, I start giving him a lecture on properly treating children and how his behavior will affect Hussein’s, we end up fighting together and we achieve nothing. I think it’s because M is this kind of guy who wants everything to be just perfect. And children are of course by no means perfect. I tried to explain this to him but with time I realized that it’s difficult, if not impossible to make him accept my way of dealing with the issue. So now I try to just calm things down. A relative of mine who has a boy and a girl told me that her husband loves to be with the girl and not with the boy. So I am hoping to get a quiet little girl (who is not like me as a child) so that maybe the atmosphere at home will be more relaxed (of course not in the first months after delivery :D).

The second reason is that M decided firmly that this will be our last child (at least for the time being, maybe after like 10 years I will make him change his mind? :D), so this is another reason I would like to have a girl so that I don’t think about having another baby.

So definitely this will be  a life-changing factor for me. Unfortunately I am still at the end of the third month, so I can’t know it right now. I ‘m still waiting. I know that if a doctor doesn’t see a boy, he’ll not definitely say it’s a girl maybe even until delivery, so as long as I am not receiving any information I’m still at the safe side.

They say that if you’re expecting a girl you’ll have more heartburn, nausea, etc. and are more likely to develop acne and skin problems during pregnancy. Well my pregnancy this time is miserable. When I was pregnant back then, I was just a normal human being, active all the time, no bad stomach problems, just a little above normal, and was feeling well all through my pregnancy. This time I’m having all sorts of things, I also get sick often, avoid lots of foods and can’t stand a lot of smells. I am so tired and feeling like feeling I’m sleep-deprived all the time and get lots of headaches. Sometimes my blood pressure is low and I can’t do anything. It’s just a lot different than last time but everybody says this is normal in the first trimester. Well now I am at the end of the first trimester and waiting for some improvement..

Anyway, of course I will accept whatever God choses for me as I will never know what’s better for me. God alone already knows who’s inside me now, how he/she will look like, how his/her character will be and how long he/she will live. He alone knows if I will even live until I see him/her. It’s all in His Hands.


2 Responses to “Being pregnant again”

  1. Hussein Fahmy Says:

    Mabrook again 😀

    I liked this line so much: ” I will travel to another country and let you take care of your two boys alone” loool.. Sounded too logical for me 😀

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