Husband’s Surprise Birthday Party

As I had stopped blogging for more than two years now, I will sometimes make some flash-backs on some important events we went through and this was definitely one important one.

Last May I made a surprise party for my husband where I baked everything myself. I wanted to make it special so I shaped lots of treats as hearts and I also made a special heart cake. It was a new and challenging experience for me and the first time I make a birthday cake. Of course, it took me about two weeks to get everything done and I started with things that could be refrigerated without losing quality.  It turned out to be fun and everything looked great and was delicious as well. You might like some ideas and try to apply them yourself.

Here are some photos.

Tota is the daughter of my husband’s sister (I’m not sure if there is a shorter expression :)). She had her birthday in May, too, and she attended the party, so I thought of adding her name to the cake, too…
cones and cheese biscuits
sausage rolls and mushroom biscuits
beef/chicken luncheon mini sandwiches
potato puffs with chicken
heart pizzas
heart cupcakes covered with fondant
chocolate balls and lunettes
coconut biscuits
heart brownies
I will update the post with the recipes  soon(God willing).

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