Media bias about the Israeli – Palestine conflict EXPOSED!

The War on Gaza is not a “mistake” Israel is making to defend itself. The truth is that this has been going on for years now but no one had any idea. Why?? Because of the Media bias.
Watch this video to know how the western media has been covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. I found it here. So from now on, be critical of what you’re watching and at least try to listen to the other side of the story! (I think 800 murders and 4000 wounds are enough for you to reconsider..?)

I also found a link on Nosayba’s blog to this one, “Gazza, the Untold Story” . This blogger lives in Gazza and reports live from the stage of the events..

Originally Posted By Laila Hussein to Thoughts & Tips at 1/12/2009 05:09:00 AM


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