MPEG-7 Feature Visualization for CBIR Systems

This is my paper which was published in the proceedings of the ICCTA Conference 2010.


Content-Based Image Retrieval techniques are developed in an attempt to make fast and efficient explorationof visual content possible. In addition, standard MPEG-7 visual features should offer interoperability across different multimedia database systems. This paper presents an attempt to bridge the gap between the target semantic concepts of multimedia data and the available low-level visual descriptors by providing anintermediate feedback to the user of a CBIR system where the features selected in his query are visualized according to his input image. Two MPEG-7 visual features, a color feature (Color Layout Descriptor – CLD) and a texture feature (Edge Histogram Descriptor -EHD), were chosen for this purpose.


Bibtex entry:

@conference{iccta10, author = {L. Shoukry and S.Klenk and G. Heidemann}, title = {MPEG-7 Feature Visualization for CBIR Systems}, booktitle = {Proc. Int. Conf. on Computer Theory and Applications (ICCTA 2010)}, address = {Alexandria, Egypt}, pages = {86-90}, year = {2010}, }


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