To Mr.Self-Sufficient

I hear them say: “We’re done!
We believe in God, for sure,
we believe that God is one.
But why not wait and see
what after death will be ?
Why should we even bother
if we would live forever
in heaven or in hell?
Everything will go just well.
Let us in the meanwhile
enjoy our own lifestyle
as God gave us free will.
Of course, we would not kill
or even use a gun.
But why not have some fun?”

I wish to tell them: “Come,
and listen to someone
who you may think is mad
but may not be that bad..
I know you’re super smart
just like Rene’ Descartes.
But you know that you don’t
believe in God nor want
to know ’bout who He is.
So let me tell you this:
You just believe in you
and what you want to do
and not in anyone.

God who is all-above
and who you claim to love
has given you a lot.
Just look at what you’ve got.
And no, they’re not for free.
He gave you eyes to see
and not just watch TV
and gave you an ear that hears
not only Britney Spears.
Your tongue, so it appears,
is not just to drink tea
and run to make pee pee
and then just wait and see
what after death will be!!!”

Originally Posted By Laila Hussein to Thoughts & Tips at 10/04/2008 05:06:00 AM


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