My Islamic Digital Library

One thing which you may not know about me is that I love online shopping!
These are the Islamic Multimedia CDs and DVDs which I have bought online, some I bought when I was in Egypt, others here in Germany. By clicking on one of the items, you can see more details about it.

— First, my all time favorite, and the first one I bought!
Harun Yahya‘s Multi Language DVD Set.
All 10 high-quality DVDs have the following language options:

Those are the 10 DVDs included in the set:

1.Love and Cooperation in Living Things

2.Deep Thinking

3.The Truth of the Life of this World

4.Allah is Known Through Reason

5.Signs of the Last Day

6.Allah’s Artistry in Color

7.For Men of Understanding

8.For Men of Understanding

9.For Men of Understanding

10.Altruism in Nature

You can also watch most the above online as flash or as movie.

–The Message

–Muhammad, Legacy of a Prophet

— And now some things for children !
(Yes, I love children, this is one more thing you should know about me :))

Of course, there are lots of other great stuff out there that I would love to buy!
But I don’t want my hubby to hate me for it, so maybe I will buy them for my grandchildren 🙂

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