I never noticed I was oppressed!

I am oppressed? Really? Oh, thanks for your care, I was so stupid not to notice that before!

Yes, I am a young Muslim Woman and yes, I am married. No, I was never beaten up… mm let me think, the last time I remember I was beaten was when… hmm…yes, I was once beaten up as a child when I destroyed the big car toy of my little brother, yes, yes, I remember. Yes! I think that was oppression maybe, … because he is a boy and I am a girl…Oh, I never noticed that before, thanks! But wait, he was beaten up twice as a child, I think, although he’s a boy. So that was not oppression. No.

Yes, my husband is a Muslim, too. He prays 5 times a day ( in the Masjid if he’s not at work or sleeping and prays with me at home if he’s tired or sick).. Yes, yes, we even pray together!
He pays the Zakah and fasts in Ramadan, so yes, a pious Muslim. But he has never beaten me up!
He’s even so kind he let me go live in another city during the winter to study in the university I like. And he has to come by train every weekend to visit me. Nevertheless, he has to pay everything for me, even my university tuition and transportation and books and everything, because he is a Muslim. Now this is what I call oppression :), lucky Me!

He will even let me go get my bachelor from Germany, leaving him alone for 4 months, but he’ll try to visit in between. Of course all travel expenses for him and me are covered by him!! This is too kind of him, I know, although he is a Muslim man. An exception?

Let me see,…but my father has never beaten up my mom either! And she’s currently the dean of a faculty after she got her PHD from London. My father was a good Muslim, too. He believed that God is one, believed in all God’s prophets, he prayed five times a day in the Masjid, fasted in Ramadan, gave charity to the poor and as a doctor he treated the poor patients for free. Everyone loved him. He also made his pilgramage.So Thank God he completed all the main five Islamic deeds during his life. And although he had a beard, I don’t think I ever heard him shout and never saw him angry. He was such a nice guy! He was a good Muslim. Nevertheless, he never oppressed me, but he loved me so much and we had lots of fun together. No, he never oppressed me, although he is a pious Muslim man.

My aunt is a Dentist. Her husband is also a pious Muslim. But he treats her very well, too….and……..

Wait a moment! I don’t remember I ever saw a Muslim woman in my family or neighborhood being treated badly by her husband or father or brother, although we are all Muslims!

Why I am dressing this way, then? Thanks for asking..

This is the greatest thing Islam ever gave me! I love to be modest, I love to see people treating me with respect and I am treated as a human being, not as a doll! I am in control! Not men! You know what, if this Islamic System was applied by all women in my country, this would be women’s heaven on earth!

Every woman dreams to be the most wonderful woman in the eyes of her beloved. Islam gives her this gift. Although there maybe other woman who are prettier than her, her husband will see her as the prettiest ever, because all the other women are covered in front of him, except for their faces and hands, except her! She can wear the most beautiful dresses for him and he can be faithful to her all his life long, like all my relatives are to their wives. Her husband is not even allowed to touch another woman but her! This is what I call oppression :), lucky Me!

When I’ll be a mother (if God wills), I will be given more credit by Islam than my husband, the father! Hehe, my children will have to respect me, treat me well, and listen to what I say! Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told the children that the most important person they have to treat well is their mother. And if they make me angry, they will be punished by God for me…Lucky Me!

So, thank you for your care, but I figured out I am not oppressed at all, on the contrary.

No, I do appreciate your concern but I don’t want to live in your world, let me stay here in my heaven and enjoy all those gifts Islam has surrounded me with. And if you can give me more Islam, please do!

Originally Posted By Laila Hussein to Thoughts & Tips at 3/17/2008 03:28:00 PM


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