Hasbi Rabbi (My God is enough for me)

Nice Song with a wonderful video clip

by Sami Yusuf


O Allah the Almighty
Protect me and guide me
To your love and mercy
Ya Allah don’t deprive me
From beholding your beauty
O my Lord accept this plea

حسبي ربي جل الله
ما في قلبي غير الله
“Hasbi rabbi jallallah
Ma fi qalbi ghayrullah”
(My Lord is enough for me, Glory be to Allah
There is nothing in my heart except Allah)


Wo tanha kaun hai
Badshah wo kaun hai
Meherba wo kaun hai
(Who is the only One?
Who is the King?
Who is the Merciful? )

Kya unchi shan hai
Uskey sab nishan hai
Sab dilon ki jan hai
(Who is the most praised and benevolent?
Whatever you see in this world is His sign
He’s the love of every soul )



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