An unexpected sea trip

Yesterday, we had lunch at my grandma’s. Her apartment is directly by the beach, even closer to the beach than my mom’s apartment, where I grew up. I love the sight of the sea, as all my life long I’ve been used to seeing the sea through the window every morning. Alexandria is so charming, I love it. When I stay in Cairo for my studies, I really miss the sight of the sea and the pure air away from the pollution of the capital. Also, since i got married, I don’t see the sea quite often because my apartment is not so close to the beach, 2 streets away, but I can still smell the air coming from the sea side, it’s so refreshing.

We met with the whole family: my siblings, my mother, my grandmother and also my uncle, his wife and her nephews who had just arrived from Cairo for the weekend.

After lunch, we noticed the weather was just fantastic and it was half an hour before sunset.
My uncle suggested going for a walk by the beach. And so we

We went downstairs, passed the street through the underground tunnel and there we were, on the beach! This was the first time for me since last summer to go to the beach, although it is just two streets away, partly because of the bad weather.
But yesterday it was hot like summer.

Then we noticed some few people took pedal boats, so we decided to take a boat, too.
We chose a wooden motorized fishing boat that could barely accomodate all of us: we were 7.
It costed 50 Pounds for half an hour.
It was just before sunset and the atmosphere was fantastic.

I had to wear off my shoes and my socks, but my skirt got wet while I was trying to get on the boat, it was not as easy as I thought it would be, I noticed I was not a child any more :).


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