Islam and the Danish Cartoons

The following are clips from Moez Masoud’s speech in the UAE in a conference that brought together Muslims from all around the world with their Danish brothers and sisters in Humanity…following another conference that took place in Denmark.

This conference entitled “The Search for mutual understanding” took place two years ago upon the first cartoon crisis April 14 – 17 2006.

About the purpose of the conference the organizers stated that “The program seeks to plant the seeds of understanding between two different traditions, but not by relativizing those differences, but rather by conceding them in the spirit of genuine tolerance”.

From the side of the Danes 20 young people representing The Danish Youth Council and 5 academicians and press people participated together with 20 young Muslims from the Arab world and from other countries around the world and 6 theologians and press people.

At the end of the conference, the delegates issued a joint declaration, documenting the level of new cross-cultural understanding reached after this ground-breaking initiative.

Renowned Muslim scholar, Habib Ali Aljifri, Director of the Tabah Foundation, summed up the positive results of the Dialogue: ‘By the grace of God, I believe that the forum achieved its primary objective, namely the building of bridges of understanding, as well as the ability to appreciate the feelings and sensitivities of the delegations. Additionally, I believe that the obstacles, that were previously an impediment to a mutual understanding of the participating delegations, have been removed.’

Speaking on behalf of the Danish delegation, Mr. Jeppe Bruus, President of the Danish Youth Council said: ‘It was great to have this platform for such constructive and positive dialogue. Really difficult issues were placed on the table and discussed in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.’

Sharaf M. Dabbagh, of Ta’aheel, who project-managed the forum, added that he regarded such cross-cultural dialogues as being essential in the modern, globalised world: ‘It was a privilege to be a part of such an initiative, with such eminent partners. Most importantly, everyone will leave Litaarafou with a deeper understanding of our two cultures, which can be passed on to our wider communities.’

Now I am deeply upset about the fact that it all started again after all these efforts from both sides..

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