Bathingan = Eggplant

“Bathinjaan”, or eggplant in English, is the favorite vegetable of most Egyptians, including my husband, and lately me, and at the same time one of the healthiest. I had hated eggplants for my whole life, but somehow it all changed lately, now it’s one of my favorites, it joined the club of the “purple food I love”! the first week of these vacations I decided to discover more about eggplants than just eating it. I hadn’t made any eggplant recipe before and I suddenly had a desire to do. I didn’t even know how it is called in English, so I searched one of the online cook dictionaries and found it, what a strange name, I thought!

The first video I watched on how to deal with eggplants was this one:
A great Video about eggplants, that also shows a nice recipe for fried eggplants:

So that day I made fried eggplants and served them with rice. My husband said he liked it, but I don’t know why I have a feeling it was just a compliment :).

Now a couple of days ago, I decided to do the big step and make Mussakkaa, one of the favorite dishes of Egyptians, again including Muhammad.

While looking for the recipe, I stumbled upon this great website for cooking recipes.
Mimi Cooks!
Mimi mainly focuses on Middle-Eastern Dishes, posts quick, easy-to-do recipes in English and makes her own fantastic step-by-step videos. Exactly what I love.

This video was one of them:
Musakkaa (مسقعة)

The video was really great, and the dish was so delicious I decided on posting my photos here. You must try out her recipe! This time, when Muhammad told me he liked it, I believed him, because I had already finished half of it!

What you need as described in the video:

And here are some steps of my Musakkaa:

And the final dish, Yummy!

Thanks, Mimi!

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