Back to Cairo?

Last Thursday we went to Cairo to submit some documents at the university required to get the Visa for Germany. We went in the 7 am train and came back in the 7 pm train.

First of all, we went to the university, filled the required forms and photocopied them, gave them the required photos for the visa and so on.
Then, I went to the library and got some books for my research: “Computer Vision” and “Statistical Pattern Matching”.

Now the real fun: buying my new laptop! Mine was already outdated, I had bought it about 3 years ago.
I bought an “hp pavilion dv2799”, I called it “lilo”, just in an effort to make my husband like it 🙂 (because he hated my old laptop….Of course I have no idea why?)
Why this name (pronounced “leelo”)? I don’t know, maybe it’s just derived from my name? Maybe because I had just watched “Finding Nemo?”

Anyway, Lilo, my new child, is slim and light! This time I wanted to have something a little more mobile and accompanied with a little less back pain.

See how smaller he is than his big brother!

He’s also so cute, with brown hair and glossy eyes.
And he’s an artist, too! Equipped with nVidia GeForce.

And he’s not a normal boy, but a special edition!
His jacket and shoe came with him for free.

You can know more about Lilo here.

Here are some photos I took of him:

The only thing I don’t like about him is his Vista! Why vista? Weren’t the bugs of XP already enough?

Also, I figured out that the possibility of getting xp to work on it is not in question!

Anyway, what’ve we been saying.. yes! Cairo!
When we were finished with buying our lilo, it was already late and we had a traffic jam in addition, so we caught the train by getting off the taxi near the train station and running in the streets carrying lilo, what a great start! As soon as we got into the train, it started moving. It was an adventure running through the train, again carrying lilo, until we got to our chairs. Then, Muhammad slept, but I wasn’t able to sleep, because I was afraid that lilo could be stolen!
Welcome, Lilo!

Anyway, tomorrow morning I am traveling to Cairo again, this time on my own.
Why traveling again to Cairo?
My dear GUC sent me an email today evening to tell me I have to be there tomorrow at 2 pm for a meeting which is very important before traveling to Germany!
Oh, how I lovvved the surprise!!!

I hope this time the trip will include less adventures, so I have to go to sleep now to be able to catch my 8:30 am train. Oh, it’s already 2:30!
Sleep deprivation again..
Nighty Nighty!

— Update: This year 2010 Lilo died (or is dying) after using an HDMI output cable to our new Plasma TV… 😦

Originally Posted By Laila Hussein to Thoughts & Tips at 3/02/2008 02:30:00 AM


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