How to avoid random checking

A friend of mine, who will be traveling with me to Germany (she’s traveling next Monday already to Ulm) sent us the following email, after we heard some incidents of our friends being random checked at European Airports before because of wearing hijab.

“I was really concerned about the random checking at airports so I asked around and got some good tips and thought of sharing them with u and help u sleep at night 🙂 !

First, Remember that you are a minster of Islam especially if we are wearing hijab or look muslim or middle eastern so every action and word we do can and will be used against not us but Islam so we carry a great Amaana and burden but May Allah yeg3al feena 7’eer do3aa le 7’eer deeen ya rab Ameeeeen…
Remember that they are not the enemy (resent the actions not the action doers ) and even if someone gives u a hard time be tolerant:
– its either because they are following safety regulations i.e doing their Job so respect that
-Or they may be doing that out of hate agony or ignorance or 3’lassssssa we el salam … in this case remeber 3 things :
1.maybe this person lost a loved one in a terrorist attack so they are blinded by emotion….
2-by showing good manners and modesty.. maybe allah will make u a cause for them to change their attitudes and views about muslims even if it is after a long time
3-Remember that we are to be blamed about the ignorance that these pple have about the true picture of Islam and this can be our chance to do something ….so the least we can be is be tolerant and try to show our best attitude to get the best out of the situation we yemken besdeq el neya Allah yekremna we ye7fazna isA

So here are some things i heard…
1- Don’t look provoking ….
-smile keep a happy face greet pple (even if they don’t greet u back)
-obey orders and regulations don’t lie, cheat .. do stand in line and obey the order and the law…
– be confident and don’t look suspicious and creepy
– If someone asks u a weird question(are u a terrorist ?) or gives u a hard time at a check point don’t make a fuss “why mee? they all passed ? this is discrimination” its un fair .. u don’t have the right to open my bag you !?!?@#$???@?@?@ …. this will only make them more provoked and irritated at u and u may end up in a situation a lot worse then the one u are in now . remeber that u can always handle the situation politely and tolerantly and calmly.

2-Avoid wearing things that will stop u at check points :
-Metal items (if needed keep them in your bag that automatically gets checked so it won’t be a problem)
eg: ( metal head band (toka clips), belt, shoes with metal buckles , clothes that have big metal buckles , bra with an under wire, metal coins, keys )
-Avoid sharp objects : (not in your hand bag plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
eg sissors , mabrad dawafer , knife , ..)
-Note about clothes:
– remeber that u will probably be asked to take off ur jacket at check points … make sure that ur jacket is not your clothes (i.e. make the jacket an extra gadget and wear pullover chemise that u are ok with walking around with in the airport…. )
-don’t wear a big scarf … try to keep it tight and short and not fluffy or wear 2 scarfs on each other … note they may want check ur head cover try wearing something under (bandana or talbessa ) so u won’t be uncomfortable if they check it yet they will be able to see that there is nothing under it ….
– try to wear shoes that are easy to take off and avoid big bulky shoes that look like u can hide something in (avoid sneakers and boots )

3- MAke doa3aaaa… remeber azkar el saba7 we el masa2 and I recommend these doaaa:

اللهم أكفينيهم بماء شأت وكيفما شأت إنك على كل شي قدير

سورة الأعراف الآية 89 : {….. وَسِعَ رَبُّنَا كُلَّ شَيْءٍ عِلْمًا عَلَى اللّهِ تَوَكَّلْنَا رَبَّنَا افْتَحْ بَيْنَنَا وَبَيْنَ قَوْمِنَا بِالْحَقِّ وَأَنتَ خَيْرُ الْفَاتِحِينَ

4- Watch these two videos from Ummah Films they are very funny and yet comforting isA 🙂

And finallyy

Please share more tips if u have and please DON’t Share scary stories of random checking LOL!”
سورة يوسف الآية 64 : { فَاللّهُ خَيْرٌ حَافِظًا وَهُوَ أَرْحَمُ الرَّاحِمِينَ}

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