If I were a Human Object

If I were a Human Object,
I would keep my secrets private
and share only what I want to share.
I would use setColorOfHair().
That sounds nice, indeed,
but that’s not all I need.

If I were a Human Object,
I would make twelve
instances of myself.
The first would go to the GUC.
The second one would study for me.
And the third, no doubt,
would download stuff and print them out.

The fourth would cry and shout
for Iraq and Palestine,
until people there are fine.
Number five would strive
to feed the poor and weak.
Number six would work all week
to get money for number five.

Number seven would live her life
to speak the truth and defend Islam.
Number eight would say: “ Here I am!”
in case number seven would die.

Number nine would fly
and travel everywhere.
Number ten would be fair
and help the police
to spread justice and peace.

Number eleven would be just kean
to keep everything around so clean.
Number twelve would read and cook
what’s written in the book.

-So these were the twelve
instances of myself.
You’re wondering what I would do?
I would have plenty of time
to do what I love to do.

I would pray at time
with nothing in mind
but the words I say.

Then, sure, I would play.
But not all day.
I have nice things to do.

I would sleep with the moon
and wake up with the sun.
I would have so much fun,
as my work is done.

During the winter,
I would stay at home
to hug my sister
and keep her warm
so that she catches no cold
and finds someone to hold.

So, if I were a Human Object,
everything would go just well,
except one thing that I have to tell:
What if someone comes
and sets me to null?

originally written on April 14, 2007

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