A Virtual World?

I never thought that studying Multimedia Engineering would so much affect my perception of the world around me.

At the beginning of the semester, our Multimedia Networking Prof was talking about the Advances in the Networking World with the spread of all kind of multimedia applications… And she said that in a few years we will all be living in a virtual world. Everything will be virtual, even money, relationships, even your personal life at home (she mentioned sth about travelling around the home with music and lights following you wherever you go…!!).

Personally, I don’t doubt it. Yes, I feel such a day will come. But honestly I am not very comfortable about that. And I started feeling I don’t want to contribute in making this happen. With all my love and excitement about this field, I am not sure I want to be part of it for the rest of my life.
But the fact is, I will have no choice! Anyway, after a few years, it will not be me who will decide, whether I am a Computer Engineer or an innocent house wife who knows nothing about what’s going around in the technical world! This is not the point. A woman like this will face lots of problems and her children will consider her an alien coming from another planet. Maybe she will have nice dreams at night but that doesn’t change the fact that her husband will be staying at home and working on the internet, receiving his salary through the internet and paying his bills through the internet as well. When she comes to ask him if he needs something, he will take lots of time realizing she is standing there and remembering her name and what she is doing in his house, or even worse: where he is right now and what brought him here. Or the opposite may be true if the woman is the one who will be working, which is very possible, too.

No, it’s not funny. I mean, what kind of life is that?
It’s not really far away from the reality nowadays .

Send me a large Pizza, please, any type, I have no time to think.., attached are 10 Euros (or 1 Billion Egyptian Pounds), (press Send) auto-reply: Yes, Ma’am, ur requested product will arrive in 8 minutes, 4 seconds, and 10 milli seconds(specified time passes) trrrn, trrrn , bell rings– >(door opens automatically after specified time)–>Pizza thrown inside..(after 4 minutes:) what have I eaten right now?? No time to think, my online lecture will start after 3.23 minutes on “virtualLectures.com”!

OH MY GOD, I am tired of even thinking about it, and again it’s not funny!

To prove to you, did you hear about”SecondLife”? It’s a virtual-reality world created in which avatars (digital characters) interact and create their own virtual world. They also sell products, conduct classes, do research, hold conferences, and even recruit for admissions. I read there are about nine million such avatars out there.

It all seems so exciting and new and challenging and everything , but will I be contributing in this misery through my field of study????
What about online relationships, how true are they?? Is your personality online the same like your personality in real life? How much can you know about a person you meet online and see as some funny synthetic avatar??

Will I develop sth like that in the future? Is this my big challenge? What if it turned out to be a complete disaster? I am not a fan of the life of our ancestors anyway but this is way too much.
What if I will be held account for all those children who will face troubles in their lives after using my great inventions??

I don’t know, I am not sure I am thinking in the right direction here but it just came to my mind and I am confused… Is the “second life” the end of the “first” life or I am just exaggerating as usual??

Originally Posted By Laila Hussein to Thoughts & Tips at 11/24/2007 09:40:00 AM


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