The Student Syndrome

Hey, did you know that the disaster that has always been hunting us students for decades does have a name??
And is even defined in wikipedia as the Student Syndrome !!!!! I also found it in most other online encyclopedias! Do you believe it?

When mum once told me about it when she was preparing her PHD, I couldn’t believe it, but yesterday I remembered the term and I googled it and it does exist!!!

Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

Student syndrome refers to the phenomenon that many people will start to fully apply themselves to a task just in the wake of a deadline. This leads to wasting any buffers built into individual task duration estimates


It was noted by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in his novel style book about Critical Chain, titled Critical Chain.

The student syndrome is a form of procrastination, but with more of a plan with good intention. For example, if a student or group of students goes to a professor and asks for an extension to a deadline they will usually defend their request by noting how much better their project will be given more time to work on it; they request this with all the right intentions. In reality most students will have other tasks or events place a demand on the time they fully intended to commit to improving their paper or project. In the end they will often end up close to the same situation they started with wishing they had more time as the new delayed deadline approaches.

This same behaviour is seen in businesses; in project and task estimating, a time– or resource-buffer is applied to the task to allow for overrun or other scheduling problems. However with Student syndrome the latest possible start of tasks in which the buffer for any given task is wasted beforehand, rather than kept in reserve. Like students, many workers do not complete assignments early, but wait until the last minute before starting, often having to rush to submit their assignment minutes before the deadline. A similar phenomenon is seen every year in the United States when personal tax returns are due – Post Offices remain open until midnight on the final day as people queue to get their tax return postmarked.

This principle is also addressed in the book entitled Agile Management for Software Engineering: Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results by David J. Anderson, Eli Schragenheim seen at the following web address:

It is so common that it became a medical expression.

I always said I had an illness, but nobody believed me!
Now I can prove that I was right !!!

And I am not alone, there are tons of people out there complaining from the same symptoms!

But how will we all find a SSS (Student Syndrom Specialist) now??

Well, here are some funny study tips:

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