When God Wills

Once again Ramadan is showing us his wonders, once again Ramadan is teaching us that God’s Will is above everything else, once again Ramadan is telling us: “Be amongst the first, or you will be the last.”

I remember I started praying the “Tarawi7” prayers in congregation (with a group: “Jama’a”) about 10 years ago. At that time only few people even knew about this prayer, and even fewer people in my age and in my social circle. In only few big mosques in Alexandria, people gathered for the prayer.
At that time I felt I was doing something very special, I was proud of going to prayer while others were sitting in front of the TV watching the “special Ramadan Programs”.

Ramadan was at that time the month of “Yameesh” (dried fruits) and TV. My friends were discussing the different TV programs while I didn’t even know most of the titles of these programs, but I didn’t feel that I miss something. On the contrary, I felt very strong inside, a feeling that I sometimes miss nowadays. I felt so special in my relation to Allah, a feeling that I really miss today. Most people say that it makes you strong to have a pious company, but sometimes you really miss the feeling of doing special and rare deeds, to be amongst the first.

When in the last “Rak3a”, the “Witr”, we used to pray for the Muslim Youth to get closer to God, I really prayed from my heart to all my friends to get to know this great feeling that I have inside, to get away from evil and be more interested in praying and reading the Qur’an.

El 7amdollellah, God has answered our prayer, and in only several years, a miracle has happened in the Islamic Society, and in the Islamic Media, and this is especially obvious in Ramadan.

Since several years now, the “Tarawi7” Prayers have been becoming more and more popular. And all the mosques, even the small mosque in our house is full of people praying every night.

This year, I went to pray several times in my club, Alexandria Sporting Club. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the amount of people who go to pray there. In the Club?? This club where everything that I didn’t like was happening. This club where young people of my age were hanging around all day and all night without an aim?? This club were most young people went to meet his girlfriend/her boyfriend??

Yess !!! When God wills He can turn Hell into Heaven! He can turn people 180 degrees. He can make the place of “ma3assi” be a place for worshipping him and listening to the Qur’an wherever you are in the club. Because so many people go there to pray, they had to open the biiig horse track for the cars to park. The amount of cars parking there during prayer time is amazing.

And they had to open all the tennis playgrounds for the people to be “praygrounds”.

If you don’t go on time, you feel like one thousand people have made their way there before you, that you have lost a lot! That you are not the first any more but you are maybe among the last, that if you don’t hurry up next time you will find yourself where you don’t want to be, that the race is now harder, and the Jannah is a really expensive jewel that not everyone can reach.

Seeing so many people praying makes you feel happy and sad. Happy for the Islam and that God has answered your prayer, Sad for yourself that you are no longer the first and no longer so special in your deeds and your relation to God. It makes you blame yourself if you lose a second in your life where someone else might be doing something good.

And this girl ??!! Is it really her?? She was… She was… Oh my God she is maybe better than me now. All her sins have been turned into “7asanat” . See how she’s dressed now, see how she is crying in her prayer and how she’s reading the Qur’an between the prayers. I maybe thought the other day that she will never be good .. but I should never make assumptions about anybody, for God’s will is above everything and His Power is higher than all expectations.

Originally Posted By Laila Hussein Shoukry to Thoughts & Tips at 10/05/2007 04:57:00 AM


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