Sleeping Beauty (Part 5)

(Sorry but the photos taken on this day were deleted by accident)

This day was Tuesday, and so not very far away from the Monday of Part 4.
I myself didn’t expect to write Part 5 so soon, but believe me I had to.

At first the day went by normally. The students went to the university and attended their lectures and tutorials.
Well, it was not very normal because the intranet of the university was not accessible from outside the university anymore and the internet was not accessible from inside the university anymore. This was due to a telephone line theft: The GUC telephone line was stolen!!

Also, in many WC’s, there was suddenly no water.

The students tried to live with that, too, for the sake of their princess.

In their last lecture, the light suddenly went off.
Then it went on and off like crazy for about two hours.

Of course, besides the fact that inside the university buildings everything was dark, especially the WC’s we talked about earlier where there was no water aslan, in this High-Tech university everything depended on electricity, of course including elevators.

The students really started to worry about the health of their Princess.
“Will she ever be the same again??”

Now even their essential human needs were at risk……. (water, electricity, connection to the outside world by telephone or internet)

They remembered what their Prince had told them on their first days in the university:

“To be an engineer, you will have to suffer, suffer, suffer, uffer, ffer, fer, er, rrr” (echo)

But still they loved their princess more, and still they were worried only about her future.

“Our beautiful Princess, the other Egyptian girls had envied you..Don’t make them yefra7o feena now, pleaaase!!”

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