Sleeping Beauty (Part 4)

With Princess GUC: Expect the Unexpected!

In this part, the Princess was preparing more and more surprises for her dear students.
This day was a Monday…. and this day was off for 7th semester Media Engineers.
Those poor Engineers read an announcement on Sunday on the bookshop saying:
Please come on the day specified for your faculty(hena feeh nezam law sama7to.. nezaaaaaam !!)
It was a little strange to specify only one day for the whole faculty in this small office…. bass ma3lesh.
And they read:

Monday (elly howa bokra) Engineering
Tuesday Pharmacy
Wednesday Management

all from 10 to 2
“The Books are coming! Wah Wah Yaboooy!”, one engineer shouted happily!
“But then we will have to come tomorrow on our day off and early enough to be the first in the row….”
“Mesh Moshkelaaa! El Mohemm that the books are coming!! This means there is a hope that the Princess may wake up sooon =D!!”

Next day, the poor engineers woke up early on their day off, took the bus and went to visit their princess.
On their way, one of them wondered:

“Do you really think that we will find our books??”
“Yess, of course, our princess never hangs false announcements!”
“O.K. if you think so, but I think even if we would find some books, we will not find all books..”
“Don’t be so pessimistic. I have a feeeeeeeliiiing inside that tells me that our princess will wake up soon”
“Yaaa rabb!”

They ran into their GUC cheerfully singing : “The books are coming Wah wa……..” “And we will be the first to get them =D”
They knew what they were supposed to do.
They had ordered their books by the system more than two months now.
And they have first to go to the financial affairs “department” to get their receipt before going to the “bookshop”.

One of them asked innocently:” We would like to get our book receipts, please,..”
The one responsible answered:” What receipts”
“The receipts for the books to get them from the bookshop…”
“The bookshop?? No, the bookshop will not open today at all..”
“The bookshop will not open today at all..”
“But there was an announcement yesterday?!”
“No this announcement was yesterday it first said that the bookshop will open yesterday, then it was changed and said it will open today, but now we are telling you it will not open today because we are still receiving the books..”
“And when will it open?”
“We don’t know, but not before next Sunday anyways”

The poor engineers left the FAD (financial affairs department) with tears filling their eyes.
“Poor Princess GUC, it seems she got crazy after what happened to her.”
” Well, she sometimes got crazy before but not that crazy”

Well, then now let’s skip the bookshop and go to submit our applications for the Junior TA Program. The TAs should be there by 12 as the schedule says.
They waited there only from 12 to 1 until the tutors came.
Then they prayed (in a toilet extension because there is no other place to pray) and waited for 2 o’clock to go home by the bus.

At 2 o’clock it was very hot. They went outside into the sun in the biig place where all the nice buses waited.

“What is our bus today??”, one of them asked?
“This was our bus but it is full now so we will have to wait until they discover that there are lots of people remaining and allow them to use another bus.”
“Nobody responsible is here so let’s wait in the shadow of this bus to wait until we know our bus”
They waited for 20 minutes only. (and I can tell you , it was sooo hot)

Then came someone who looked as if he knew something very important.
Everyone ran towards him as though it was a war…..

“Masr El Gedeeda bus 11”
“yallaaaaa ya engineers. 3la bus 11! besor3aaa!”, one of the engineers shouted..

One of the engineers was very fast, but when he was near the door of the bus, he found only about 30 students were before him and the door was very crowded.

He cried and whispered to himself: “Ya rabbbb sa3edny! El ra7ma men 3andak! Ya rabb arawa7 ennaharda!”
At this very moment, ra7ment rabbena was so close to him.
3amm rabee3 came to his side and told him a secret:

“Run fast to the back door!It’s empty!”
He couldn’t believe himself. “Al 7amdolellah”, he whispered, “Innallaha la yodee3o ajral mo7seneen”. He ran as fast as he could, because he noticed some people had heard the secret, too.

Now el 7amdolellah he is at home thanking God for his safety.

(to be continued)

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