Sleeping Beauty (Part 2)


Upon hearing the bad news, the students started crying.

“Poor Princess GUC!”, cried one of them, “But how can we wake her up??”
But they heart the strange voice again:

“And you are expecting me to tell you how to wake her up??! HAHAHA! Of course not, you idiott!! Figure it out by yourself!!!”

“What will we do now?”, everybody was so sad..
They went home thinking what they are supposed to do to wake up Princess GUC and couldn’t sleep at night..
The next day, they went to college hoping that someone was able to wake her up so that she would be waiting for them as before..
But unfortunately they were the ones who had to wait, wait and wait.

The first lecture was at 10:30. They went on time, expecting sleeping beauty to be waiting for them there. But she wasn’t..
They waited and waited. Seconds were as slow as days, or even months. Every time a student entered the hall, everyone looked quickly to the door hoping that their eyes will meet the eyes of the Princess, but each time they were disappointed. After long time of waiting and dreaming of seeing the princess, they were finally informed that the lecture was cancelled.

The same happened with the rest of the lectures on that day.
After their looong journey to the college, they did nothing but waiting and waiting…
It seemed that everyone was sleeping, not just the princess.

Now as the students weren’t able to find a way to wake up Princess GUC, one of them came up with a very nice decision.
Everyone listened to her :

“Since we are not able to wake up Princess GUC, why don’t we go to sleep like her?? Why do we leave her to sleeeep and we can’t even sleep at night?? Maybe we, like the princess, also need some rest. Maybe if we do like the princess, we will stay young forever, like she will be!”

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