Sleeping Beauty (Part 1)


Do you remember Sleeping Beauty?
Well, I used to love that Disney Cartoon of Sleeping Beauty, and today, on my first (!!) day of the new Academic Year at my college, I remembered her!
Let’s start the story at the very beginning….
Once Upon a time, long long ago, an Egyptian King married a German Queen and they lived together in Egypt.

One day, King 3awadallah and his wife, Frau Einstein, got their first baby princess, and they called her GUC. She was known all over Egypt for her extraordinary beauty and intelligence.

But the family of 3awadallah was not happy with his marriage to Frau Einstein because they thought he was an Egyptian Man so no way!, his children must be purrreeely Egyptian with no German features whatsoever.

That’s why they didn’t like little GUC. So they made a Curse on her:

“Shall little GUC reach the age of 9 semesters, she shall sleeeeep, sleeeeep until one day the students come and wake her up!”

So little GUC grew up, each day she became more beautiful and intelligent than the day before, and all other girls in Egypt envied her for her beauty. She was outstanding in everything. That’s why she was not popular among Egyptian girls of her age.

Her mother and father taught her everything, sometimes Frau Einstein had more influence on her, but most of the time father 3awadallah had the last word, as he was the king.

As GUC approached the age of 9 semesters, she looked weaker and weaker.
She felt more and more lazy, until one day during the summer, she suddenly fell asleep.
The students who were waiting for their new academic year kept receiving emails about a strange “activity week” and different trips and radio and TV and stuff instead of receiving the schedule of the new academic year, and the first day of college kept being postponed.
They didn’t understand anything.
They felt something was wrong.
What happened to Princess GUC, they kept asking…well, let’s wait and see, for sure she is preparing for something great this semester… that’s why she’s late! For sure, we will have nice surprises and everything will go very smoothly and in an organized manner this semester after all this delay….

The first day in the new semester was finally announced.
All students went just to find that their TAs for this semester have not yet been determined, the books have not yet been ordered, and the activity week is coming, althougth the Midterms are approaching!!

“Where is Princess GUC??”, Everybody shouted.

“She is sleeeeeeeeping, sleeeeeeeping”, a magical voice sang in a whisper from the background of the scene, “You’ll first have to wake her up! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA”

So someone Get the Prince for her now, Please!!

(To be continued…)

Originally Posted By Laila Hussein to Thoughts & Tips at 10/20/2007 11:41:00 AM


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